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Are you sick of tech support that wastes your time and money?

IT Support Help Desks are out of control. You need more than overseas help desk IT support agents that don’t consider the urgency of your problem when you call.

NCT Network Computing TechnologiesDon’t make your problems worse by waiting on hold for your request to be escalated to someone who has the expertise required to resolve your problem.

NCT provides Dallas IT Support with our 24/7 USA-Based Technology Professionals who will resolve ANY IT issue you face:

  • Local Support Agents Available 24/7 to resolve both simple and complex IT issues by phone, email, or online ticketing system – get answers to your hardware or software questions whenever you need them
  • Highly Skilled Technology Experts with the ability to provide support solutions in plain English that even the most inexperienced computer user will understand
  • Remote Diagnosis of Advanced Issues with our remote management tools that allow the support agent to remotely control your mouse to fix issues that can’t easily be explained over the phone
  • Fast Dispatch of On-Site Support Agents if your request can’t be resolved on the first call – you need help now, don’t wait days for an IT Technician to arrive

Stop letting overseas support slow down your staff’s productivity. NCT is your USA Based IT Support Help Desk that will resolve your problems on the spot.

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