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Do you utilize the power of technology to gain a competitive advantage in your Dallas business?

You need technology that helps you stay competitive in a fast-paced business environment.

Small and medium sized businesses in Dallas need to be strategic with their technology decisions to maximize your companies’ potential without breaking the bank.

Are you struggling to keep up with competitors who can operate in the red while they attempt to take over your market?

NCT feels your pain. We compete with big business on a daily basis and have developed fixed-price IT consulting solutions that combat competitors with deep pockets:

Proactive Managed Services

  • Flat-Rate monthly service plans that get rid of hourly billing to balance your IT budget and reduce problems caused by your current hourly IT provider
  • Stay on top of your technology by proactively maintaining, patching, and upgrading your systems to increase performance and reduce downtime
  • Custom managed service plans that include a full suite of IT support Services that can be added or removed at any time to make sure you only pay for what you need

Outsourced CIO

  • Get big business advantages on a small business budget when you put the power of our Executive Level IT Guidance on your team
  • Executive level IT budgeting and strategic decision making that manages today’s risks while developing a long term IT strategy to plan for the future
  • Find and implement innovative and cost-effective IT solutions that improve productivity and streamline operations

Help Desk Support

  • Dallas IT Support with our always available USA Based Technology Professionals who resolve simple and complex IT issues on the spot
  • Remote management tools which allow our support agents to diagnose and resolve advanced problems over the phone
  • On-Site support agents are quickly dispatched if your issue can’t be resolved on the first call – solve your problems today with our 24/7 Help Desk Support

Let our Executive level technology advisors develop your IT Strategy with Proactive Managed Services and Support that give you that much needed competitive advantage without increasing your IT budget.

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